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About Sweet Fork Fluffies

A journey of youthful play...

  Founded in 2017 Sweet Fork Fluffies was created to bridge the gap of non-verbal communication between a special needs child and parent. Since then we have grown our line of Fluffies to include Food favorites, Sea creatures, and Holiday friends. We are constantly working to create Joyful memories for our customers and putting the spotlight on Playtime for all ages no matter the ability level.

  When new friends visit our Fluffy Shop our goal is to inspire creative play, increase the bonds of child and parent, as well as enjoy youthful reminders of past favorite playtime toys. We offer top quality, hand made products created from Wool Blend Felt, Minky fabrics, and unique materials. 

  Embracing youthful moments of life has never been so fluffy and delightful until now.

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