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What is a Fluffy?

  A Fluffy is a soft, wool blend playtime friend. Hand sewn and filled with fluffy stuffing to make a squishable experience.

The Ideal Fluffy Fan?

Who is the Ideal fluffy collector? reality it is the young at heart. Not to forget the Fan-girl, the sticker collector, the special needs child, the 90's kid, toy hoarder, the SAHM, and the grandparents.

Where are Fluffies available?

Fluffies are available for immediate purchase at Markets/Events during the Farmer's Market and Bazaar Season. Check out the upcoming dates available on our homepage.

Value of Fluffies?

  How do you price a smile? Quality playtime with a child? Giggles in the summer sunshine? We use factors such as Material costs, and Labor required to craft one of a kind products to bring a fair valued Market price.

Why purchase from Sweet Fork Fluffies?

  Every time a purchase is made at Sweet Fork Fluffies it ensures the quality of care, long term educational goals, and needs for our special needs child as they grow into adulthood.

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